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Sandco Industries has been awarded a
3-year CARF Accreditation

Sandco Industries has strengths in many areas.

  • Sandco Industries has a wide variety of work available for the persons served. The work encompasses a range of skills, and there is an adequate amount for persons served to choose what they would like to complete.

  • The available jobs are from the local area and represent manufacturing work that is consistent with the types of work that are available in the community, which allows the persons served the ability to develop skills that are directly relevant to community-based employment opportunities.

  • Many positive changes to the physical environment have been made in the past year, such as new equipment, tables, and chairs, which have transformed the work area and created an environment that is similar to a manufacturing setting.

  • The organization uses professionally developed jigs and adaptive equipment to ensure that the persons served have maximized opportunities to enhance their earnings. Many persons served were observed to be working at a pace that was unlikely to have been attained without these accommodations.

  • The physical environment is clean, well lit, and well maintained.

  • The organization has an advisory board that is committed to helping the organization grow.

  • The new director is visionary and committed to moving the organization forward in a variety of ways. Her enthusiasm, attitude, and focus on persons served create a positive climate for change.

  • The organization's affiliation with the Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities is positive and allows the organization to share resources that provide high quality and cost-effective services.

  • The organization is respected and well known in the community, and stakeholders expressed high levels of satisfaction with the services provided.



Sandco Industries currently employs approximately 182 individuals that work in our facility performing a variety of light manufacturing jobs. Sandco Industries offers a variety of work that includes, but not limited to:  job assemblies, cleaning services, cafeteria services, recycling, re-work, labeling, collating and bulk mailings.

The Individuals here at Sandco Industries are given a variety of choices and opportunities that encourages them to enhance their overall job performance and the ability to improve on-the-job work skills.  Individuals consistently achieve a positive outcome through their high level quality of work, independence, enthusiasm and participation.

  • Hours of Operation 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday

  • Hourly & piece-rate jobs to choose from

  • Commensurate wages established to meet Department of Labor regulations and guidelines

  • Personal Services available

  • Full Time Program Nurse 

  • Cafeteria and vending services available

  • Adult Services Registered Supervisory Staff

  • Air Conditioned Facility

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Renee Stout
Production Manager
Sandco Industries
Office: 419-334-9090
Fax: 419-333-0094


Megan Craun
Employment Services Director
Sandco Industries
Office: 419-334-9090 ext.194
Fax: 419-333-0094