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  • 1954  Senate Bill 155 creates the Department of Mental Hygiene and Correction.
  • 1955  The Council for Retarded Persons of Sandusky County established the first classes held in the old YMCA facility at Atkinson School, Fremont.  Classes were taught by Mrs. Mariam Karlovetz.
  • 1959  Classes moved to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church where it remained until August 1963.
  • 1959  Governor DiSalle appoints Committee for the Mentally Retarded to study the community class program for children.
  • 1960  The Governor’s Committee for the Mentally Retarded recommends that classes remain under the Department of Mental Hygiene and Correction and that community programs be expanded to serve adults.
  • 1961  President Kennedy appoints the Panel on Mental Retardation to prepare a national program to combat mental retardation.
  • 1963  The School of Hope opened at its current site (1001 Castalia Road) with: 3  Classrooms, a multipurpose room, kitchen, office, and bathrooms;1  Classroom was used as a partial workshop; One bus; 31  Students, 2 teachers, 1 assistant.
  • 1967  Senate Bill 169 passed on July 18, 1967, to be effective October 25, 1967, creates county boards of mental retardation to assume administrative responsibilities of the education and workshop programs previously exercised by the child welfare or public welfare boards.  The bill also authorizes local subdivisions to levy property taxes to maintain schools, training centers, workshops, clinics, and residential facilities for persons with mental retardation.  As a result, The Sandusky County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities was established.
  • 1967  First addition to the building to allow a room for a Sheltered Workshop.  The building now included 5 classrooms, 1 office, a workshop, kitchen, boiler room, restrooms and expanded outdoor recreational area. Mrs. Karlovetz was appointed Administrator.
  • 1969  House Bill 970 creates the Division of Mental Retardation within the Department of Mental Hygiene and Correction.
  • 1972  House Bill 494 splits the Department of Mental Hygiene and Correction into the Department of Rehabilitation/Correction and the Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation.
  • 1973  Sandco Industries building was erected as a separate facility.
  • 1975  The federal Education for All Handicapped Children Act (later renamed IDEA) guarantees a free and appropriate public education to all handicapped children aged 3 to 21.
  • 1975  Barb Smola became Superintendent of the Sandusky County Board of MR/DD.
  • 1979  The School of Hope and Sandco Industries were connected with the addition of the gym and other rooms/offices.
  • 1980  House Bill 900 creates separate departments of Mental Health and Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities.
  • 1981  Sandco Industries was damaged by fire.
  • 1986  Senate Bill 322 creates Bill of Rights for Persons with MRDD and reforms provision of residential services.
  • 1987  Additional classrooms, restrooms and a warehouse were added to the Sandco building.
  • 1988  A therapy pool was constructed, due to a generous donation received in December of 1987.
  • 1990  The federal Americans with Disabilities Act provides broad anti-discrimination protections for all persons with physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities.
  • 2000  Additional office space, conference rooms, classrooms, and restrooms for adults were added.
  • 2001  Barb Smola Retires as Superintendent.
  • 2001  Deb Yenrick appointed as Superintendent.
  • 2004  Sandco’s Life Enrichment Program moves to its Clyde site.
  • 2005  Deb Yenrick retires as Superintendent.
  • 2005  Cheryl Cotter appointed as Superintendent.
  • 2006  Accessible playground completed.
  • 2009  Don Nalley – C.E.O. of Sandco Industries, retires after 30 years of service.
  • 2009  Contracted with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities for vocational rehabilitation program, Pathways 2 Employment.
  • 2010  Cheryl Cotter retires as Superintendent.
  • 2010  Deb Yenrick returns to the Program as Director of Operations and later as Superintendent.
  • 2010  Day Array Services moves to new site on North Street and is dedicated to former Board Member, Rob Lytle, and named Meaningful Activity and Care Center ( M.A.C.C.).
  • 2011  Sandco Industries became a vocational based service provider and offered no non-vocational services.
  • 2011  Sandco Industries Go-Green (Document Destruction / Recycling) Program is started.
  • 2013  School of Hope celebrates 50 years.
  • 2016  Sandco Industries is privatized.
  • 2016  The Meaningful, Activity and Caring Center (MACC) is privatized.
  • 2017  Sandco Industries moved to their new location in Clyde.
  • 2017  Clyde Life Enrichment Center (CLEC) privatized.

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