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Family Support Services

Family Support Services (FSS) is a program that provides monetary assistance to eligible families caring for an individual with disabilities in their home. If you have a family member with a developmental disability living in the home that is eligible for services, then you would qualify for the program.  You may find out about eligibility by contacting the Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The request for assistance must relate directly to an individual’s disability and often requires a professional recommendation. Family Support Services is administered through the county boards but funds are provided through the state legislature and distributed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.  FSS Funds are not based on entitlement and all family allocations are based on availability of funds.

Service Lists


Respite is a program that will provide financial support for the family to use for an emergency when they can not provide care or when they need to catch up on additional responsibilities.

  • Short term, temporary care
  • Summer Programming (camps)
  • Can be done in or out of the home
  • Need a non-certified provider form

Adaptive Equipment / Home Modification / Incontinence Supplies / Special Diets

This program can provide financial support for special diets or incontinence supplies.  These items will only be granted with a script from a doctor relating it to the disability.  Price comparisons may be done.

  • Ramps, medical supplies, and alarms
  • Incontinence supplies must be for children over 3 years of age and are not eligible for Medicaid

Counseling / Training / Education

This category provides support for services that assist in caring  and meeting your family members needs.  These may be classes, seminars, or  workshops for the individual or family  member.

  • Behavioral
  • Medical
  • Emotional
  • Personal Care

Other / Skill Development

This category is offered for those “other” financial  hardships that come to the family when  caring for an individual with disabilities.

  • Medical mileage, copays, or meds
  • Therapeutic horseback riding or appropriate social or leisure activities

For Specific Information, Contact:

Family Support Services

Tami Hrebic

(419) 332-9296, Ext. 137
Email:  threbic@scbdd.org

Nicole Krumnow

(419) 332-9296, Ext. 132
Email:  nkrum@scbdd.org

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