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What is the PLAY Project?

The PLAY Project organization offers research-based autism programs that focus on play and relationships to support the social and emotional growth of the child with autism. PLAY Project methods, techniques, and principles are the foundation for PLAY Autism Intervention. Professionals who offer PLAY Autism Intervention are trained and credentialed by the PLAY Project organization.

Benefits to Children

PLAY Autism Intervention helps young children improve their language, development, behavior, social skills, and autism severity.

Play is the way young children learn best. The PLAY Project model helps children grow and develop through playful interaction.

Benefits to Parents

You and your Certified PLAY Project Consultant become partners in your child’s progress. You receive individualized coaching that empowers you to have a closer, more satisfying relationship with your child.

You will discover how to:

  • Identify your child’s unique strengths and needs.
  • Make every interaction a growing and learning experience.
  • Effectively respond to your child’s behavior.
  • Prepare your child for their educational transitions in school.

What Research exists for PLAY Autism Intervention?

The PLAY Project uses evidence-based practices. PLAY Autism Intervention’s parent-implemented early intervention model has excellent scientific evidence for its effectiveness.

In 2014, the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics published the results of a randomized controlled trial of the program. This large-scale study demonstrated the following results:

  • Significant improvement in:
    • Children’s autism severity
    • Social-emotional development of children with autism
    • Parent and child interactions
    • Reduction in parental stress and depression


Do I Need a Diagnosis of Autism to Begin the Play Project?

A child does not need an official diagnosis. The PLAY Project is for any child who either has or is suspected of having Autism Spectrum or Autism Spectrum related disorders.


What is a PLAY Project Visit Like?

Your Sandusky County Board of DD Consultant will demonstrate practical ways to make every interaction with your child a growing and learning experience. Bath time, meals, outdoor play: each of these daily routines can be used to help your child improve communication and build meaningful relationships.

During visits, you and the PLAY Project Consultant engage your child in playful activities. Siblings and other caregivers are welcome to join. Your PLAY Project Consultant supports learning so that you gain confidence in the methods and techniques that you will use throughout your everyday interaction.

For more information contact Sandusky County Board of DD Director of Educational Services Becky Holtgreven.



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