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Special Olympics is a world sports program for people with disabilities. A variety of competitive sporting opportunities are available in Sandusky County for children who are at least eight years old and receiving individualized Educational Services (IEP) in school and adults with disabilities. Sports are offered based on the level of interest, but typically Sandusky County has offered basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, bowling, bocce ball, and equestrian. There have also been swimming, track, and weightlifting offered in years past. Athletes have the opportunity to compete in competitions in our area with other teams and many have the opportunity to travel to larger competitions in Ohio or even out of state!

News Update

Special Olympics Ohio is upgraded to Phase 2 Return to Play on April 5, 2021

Sandusky County Special Olympics is awarded annual accreditation Jan 1, 2021- December 31, 2021

Link to 2022 USA Games


Congratulations!  Lady Raptors Back-to-Back Division 1 Basketball State Champions (2019 – 2020)










The Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities promotes self-advocacy and self-determination activities that empower people to speak up for the things that they want, need and get them the life they want to live. Currently, our self-advocacy program works in different ways and many self-advocates have varied roles.

Sandusky County’s self-advocacy chapter is affiliated with People First of Ohio. This means individuals run formal People First Chapter meetings, hold officer positions locally and at a state level. Local and statewide involvement keeps self-advocates informed of changes that affect their lives and the Developmental Disabilities system. Being a chapter member includes attending self-advocacy trainings and conferences that give each person an opportunity to learn more about connecting with their communities to bring about change. We work on local and statewide issues facing people with developmental disabilities. We recognize self-advocacy achievements with annual and monthly awards.

Self-Advocacy and self-determination efforts are guided through our organizational membership with Ohio Self Determination Association. Our membership supports participating self-advocates in becoming local and statewide leaders. This occurs through training programs like Project STIR, Rights training, Voting training, and Bully prevention. Self-advocates plan activities which include people throughout the state to learn more about speaking up, being self-determined, and include public policymaking. These self-advocacy roles encourage people to become more involved in creating a system that includes their input, participation and gives them responsibilities within this process.

Lastly, self-advocacy is FUN. We get together often, teach and learn from each other, share our personal stories and success, and work on ways to get the life we want. This is self-advocacy in Action!

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