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We Have been getting out and about in the community a lot over the last year. The students are really enjoying getting out and meeting the people in their community.

We began a very different school to adult transition model this year where our students, based on their Path and/or funding options, were able to transition with the help of staff to either community employment, adult day programs offered by the County Board or adult day programs provided by another provider agency. This was  very different, but very exciting! We had 7 students graduate in the Spring of 2015, so it kept us hopping.

A “Transition Road Show” was put together so that we could educate the different school districts as well as other agencies about the changes in our system and what transition will be looking like in the future. We are still hoping to give the presentation to more school districts, but we at  least  were able to get started and to get people thinking differently about their students as they begin planning to move beyond school.

Since we now have four School Age classrooms instead of five, we have created a Gross Motor room for the preschooler to use. This has proven to be a big hit with the preschoolers! They need to be able to move around and since the last couple of winters have been so cold, it’s nice now to have an option for them to be able to use their large muscles and burn off some energy all year long.

In order to be able to get more  use out of the therapy pool, we trained all of the classroom assistants at the beginning of the school year, to be able to take the children in to the pool. This has worked out wonderfully. The students are getting much use out of the pool and are able to consistently use it.