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Social Media Guidelines Policy

All social media sites of the Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities (SCBDD) are operated with the public interest in mind. In doing so, the Board strives to keep these sites up to date but does not guarantee that the sites and information they contain will be error-free or as complete as other forms of communication, nor may they be operated indefinitely.

SCBDD encourages interactions but asks that participants keep in mind that social media forums are not always the most effective means of communicating on complex issues.

All users of SCBDD’s social media site are subject to the following terms of engagement:

– SCBDD reserves the right to delete submissions that contain sensitive personal information about the people it serves; violent, obscene, profane, threatening, intimidating or harassing content; personal attacks of any kind; and hate speech or comments that target, disparage or defame others.

– It also reserves the right to delete comments or posts that are spam, repetitive or duplicated; are clearly off-topic or unrelated to the work of the Board; or that advocates illegal activity.

– The Board may delete links to unrelated sites, and block users who violate its terms of engagement.

Comments posted by a member of the public on any SCBDD social media site are the opinion of the commentator or poster only, and publication of a comment does not imply SCBDD’s endorsement of or agreement with any such comments, nor does it reflect the opinions or policies of SCBDD. All comments and posts on this page may be subject to Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.